acrylic sliding doors

Are Acrylic Cabinet Sliding Doors a Better Option than Glass?

April 23rd, 2018

Whether you are fitting out a liquor store, or require secure cabinets for your work place, acrylic doors can be a great alternative to glass. Glass is heavy, easily breakable and hard to manoeuvre. When you are protecting valuable items, such as alcohol, you don’t want a material that can be shattered and is vulnerable to being broken. Glass is more complicated to fit and requires more strength to move, meaning it less convenient for yourself and customers. Furthermore if you do shatter glass the clean-up is more difficult and can cause injury.



Alternatively acrylic sliding doors eliminate many of the concerns that come with glass. Acrylic is light weight, easily moved and cannot shatter. These sliding doors can still give an attractive transparent look to the cabinet without being susceptible to vandalism.

At Affordable Shelving we provide acrylic sliding doors that can be specifically produced for your requirements. These custom fitted doors will provide you with piece of mind that your items are secure, safe and not vulnerable to theft. We will ensure they look precisely how you want at an affordable price. Come in to our store at 5 Eileen Road Clayton South, or contact us to have a chat about how we can improve your store fit out today!



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