Portable Produce Displays

How Portable Produce Displays Can Highlight Your Products

April 9th, 2018

Utilising portable produce displays that are dispersed throughout the shopping environment can be a great way to bring attention to a particular product. These displays give a retailer a chance to place items directly in the walking path of customers and illuminate stock that they are most wanting to sell.

They are also a great way to highlight a sale, a special offer or any deals a retailer may want to draw attention to.

We stock a range of produce displays to suit many different store types.

Stained Wood Produce

Stained Wood Produce Displays

These displays are great for grocery and fresh food displays. The open tops allow easy access for customers to view the produce and select items. Also the units being at hip height means customers can get a greater view of the product from all angles that some wall shelving does not allow.



Bakery Open Produce Displays

Bakery Open Produce Displays

If you have a desire to display fresh bread and baked goods these types of displays are a perfect solution. The open glass lids allow a hygienic way to display the goods and keep the heat in for freshly baked food. These displays can be accessed from both sides which allows both customers and staff to select goods without hassle.


Black Portable Produce Displays


Black Portable Produce Displays

Just like the wooden displays these items offer the convenience of easy customer accessibility and an easier way for customers to view stock. These displays are more suited to retail and places that require a sleek produce display that won’t distract from the product.


All of our produce displays are portable, sold as single units that can be moved and tailored to fit your requirements.

single units
Portable Produce DisplaysA produce display may be just the thing to brighten up your store environment and highlight that stock you really want to bring attention to.


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