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Encouraging Sales by Providing Trolleys and Baskets

April 13th, 2018

Research has shown that supplying larger trolleys and baskets to customers can actually influence their tendency to purchase more goods. Providing a range of trolley and basket sizes in your stores not only creates an easier shopping environment, but also gives the shopper an opportunity to select a range of products and carry them to the counter in ease.

Although this may seem obvious, actually having larger size trolleys has been seen to encourage buyers to purchase more products. More products in a bigger trolley does not seem to look as daunting to the customer and gives them the chance to grab more stock without requiring to physically carry any items.

Some stores only utilise baskets, but this instantly reduces the amount of products the customer can select and sets up a situation where the customer is only going to select the amount of products they can personally hold. You could be cutting out a chance for more sales without even being aware it just by not providing customers with an easier way to transport their goods from shelf to counter.

Having both a selection of trolleys and baskets means you are setting up a welcoming environment for the customer to shop for, move and purchase items. This can improve sales, ensure return customers and provide customer satisfaction in a simple and affordable way.

At Affordable Shelving we have a range of trolleys and baskets in different sizes and colours and are always around to discuss what choices would best suit your store.

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